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21st Congress of the KKE


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Statement of the Press Office of the CC of KKE: On the 21st Congress of the KKE

1] The Central Committee of the KKE announces its decision to proceed with the preparation and conduct of the 21st Congress of the Party in 2021. Based on the Party statute, the Congress is held every four years. The last 20th Congress was held from March 30 to April 2, 2017. ...


Political Resolution of the 21st Congress of th KKE

The 21st Congress of the KKE was held from the 25th until the 27th of June 2021 at the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Party. The 21st Congress approved the texts of the Theses of the CC, taking into account the discussion and their approval by the general assemblies of the Party’s Base Organizations (PBOs) and the Conferences. It also approved the report of the CC at the 21st Congress as well as the report of work of the Central Auditing Committee (CAC). Read more...

Resolution on the tasks of the communists in the working class, the labour–trade union movement, and the social alliance

The 21st Congress of the KKE assessed the Party’s work in the struggle for the regroupment of the labour–trade union movement and the Party building in the working class. It also determined basic directions for the years to follow. These tasks are of particular importance. As underlined in the Programme of the KKE, the activity of the Party under non-revolutionary conditions decisively contributes to the preparation of the subjective factor —the Party, the working class, and its alliances— for the revolutionary conditions and the realization of its strategic tasks. Read more...